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Helps Protect You Against the Rising Cost of
Nursing Home and Community Care

Although you may believe that you are too young to start thinking about long-term care and its costs, consider this: premiums are based on age, the younger you are when you purchase this coverage, the lower your premium will be.

While we reserve the right to adjust future premiums for all policyholders by state and class, we have never had to do so since we pioneered long-term care insurance more than 25 years ago. And, your premiums will never increase due to changes in your health status or your age. The Long-Term Care Insurance Plan sponsored by ACP can help you protect your assets while providing you with the high quality protection you need. Your parents and parents-in-law can also apply for this coverage.

The Plan reimburses benefits during covered nursing home stays and offers several choices of daily benefits and payment maximums. An inflation protection option is also available.

In addition, home and community care coverage is available to complete your long-term care protection. This coverage reimburses for covered care at home and in the community, such as adult day care centers.

As an ACP member, you have access to a special benefit—the Long-Term Care Resources Network, a unique long-term care buying service.

This benefit allows you to work with a long-term care insurance representative who will give you all the information about benefits and rates of different highly rated long-term care provides.

With so many different providers, you may have questions about the coverage they provide:

  • Which plan or options offers the least expensive premium? Is one plan more flexible than another to help fit into my budget?
  • What if I have a current health condition—can I still get coverage?
  • What about protection for my spouse? Are there couple discounts available if we both apply?
  • Are there discounts for healthy applicants?
  • Which long-term care insurance offers more of the benefits I want or need?

On simple phone call to the Long-Term Care Resources Network for ACP members is all it takes to start protecting your assets from long-term health risks and get your questions answered. No obligation necessary!

For more information, a one-on-one consultation with an experienced Long-Term Care Resources Network Representative and how to apply, please call 1-800-557-0734.

Answers about the plan, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.

The cost for nursing home private room care varies by state. To learn more simply call 1-800-557-0734.

If you are thinking of waiting to purchase long-term care insurance coverage, consider the impact:

  • Increases the risk of being ineligible for insurance
  • Decreases the overall time you have long-term care insurance coverage
  • Can increase the overall cost of coverage because premium rates increase with age

Waiting delays covering your long-term care risk and can cost you money.

While many people think the federal government pays for long term care expenses, nationally, over 25 percent of all nursing home expenses are paid out-of-pocket by individuals and their families. Neither Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance nor the major medical health insurance provided by employers is designed to pay for long term care expenses.

We're here to help! Please contact us in whatever manner is most convenient for you.

Program Administrator

Mercer Consumer
12421 Meredith Drive
Urbandale, IA 50398
Phone: 1-800-557-0734
7 am to 5 pm M-F (Central)
Email: ACPgroupins.service@mercer.com
Web site: www.myltcplan.com/acp

How to Apply

Please contact the Program Administrator for information about your association sponsored Long Term Care Insurance Plan

or call 1-800-557-0734

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